For Demonstration Purposes Only.

This is an exclusive beats tape from Madman the Greatest remixing and recreating some recognisable and distingushed records from todays and yesterdays music.  Sampling artists like Chesney Hawke, Diana Ross & Meagan Trainor, this is just a playground testing for his production skills.

This will never be sold or released so enjoy!!!

Yes people.

I’m writing this from the bosses chair.  2017 was a big learning curve for us as we was setting up  and creating new beginning with a lot of things.  One of our biggest things we are proud of is our streaming radio, The Codename is Black.  We are yet to create official formats to sounds and shows but right now in partnership with Linkedin, we gonna be dropping everything we have from Hip hop, R&B, to House and Dance.

This site was another of of our achievements.  Again unfinished, we are trying to established our creative platforms for not just music but design and vizuels.  Plans are in motion to start original Playaz Cliq video content only exclusively here; a shop to purchase merchandise and CDs from and develop stories for you entertainment.

All in all, we are just trying to bring out the best of what we got and make it interesting.

Let see what 2018 bring us!!

Until then, peace out for now.

Mr Clarke!

This week we have added some new music to The Codename is Black playlist.

  • Alta Egoz X – No Girl Like You (M Giggy Remix) (Dance)
  • Madman the Greatest – Apple Girl Apple Boy (feat. Foxina Belluci & Victa Von Duche)
  • Madman the Greatest – I Do (ft Victa Von Duche)
  • M Giggy – Superfreak (The Stripper’s Version)
  • Alta Egoz X – The Billy Dazzler Remix
  • The DigiMunstaz – Work it Shake it.

So make sure you tune in and enjoy.

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