Written by Madman the Greatest

Had to search for change, had to become different,
found a little bit in Christina Aguilera,
found it a little bit in Tears for Fears
even though Sugababes technically gave me more,
had a little a bit more from Lisa Stanfield,
Every Little Thing, some from Churchill,
Daniel Merriweather, from Sean Kingston,
had it wrapped in a box from Keri Hilson,
had some from T-Pain, Some from Taylor Swift,
some from Tracey Chapman with her art as a gift
had a little bit more from Carrie Underwood,
some from Bobby Darin, a touch from Garth Brooks,
Im blessed to have this but theres so much more,
Tupac done warned me there’s changes to come,
Kiley done told me there’s changes to come,
I stay humble even if the rain does pour,


2017 C. Buffong Clarke / Playaz Cliq Recordings

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