Free Speech???

Written by Madman the Greatest

Am I free to speak or do I remain quiet?
Say what I need to without causing riots,
typed war with words for social attention,
right on these networks for likes and mentions,
Agree or disagree with someone else choices,
Even if I don’t wanna understand or explore it
Express my opinion on everyday issues,
that either gets hidden or over exploited,
Is it wrong for me to tell you the things I don’t like,
or believe is wrong, don’t care or think is right?
Can I speak about my race with sounding racist,
and speak in the language that i was raised with,
or talk in colloquial only the streets know,
without having to change because what I say is strange,
Am I politically bounded by this gift of speech,
the same speech they say i am free with?


2017 C. Buffong Clarke / Playaz Cliq Recordings

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