Tailor-made instrumentals

Our beats are our babies. We love them, adore them and like proud parents want the best for them. So we are choosy about where they go. From we create them with love, we want to makes sure they are looked after and treated with love but more importantly, we want you to love them too. So most of our production services are priced on application are are negotiable depending on the circumstances. This ensures that the best is given and we invest an exclusive and proper time to creating the best for you.

Services include:

  • Album production
  • Single production
  • Album only tracks
  • Remixes / Mashups
  • Podcasting (for marketing)
  • Audio Marketing

Pre-built instrumentals

We understand that timing is always the essence. Deadlines can interfere with production scheduling so many end up completing their hardworking projects with album fillers. So to take the ease off, we will be creating an exclusive beats store where we will be creating pre-built compositions available for purchase. Many will be one-off signature pieces which will not be resold or duplicated. These will not be our trash bin, old or unwanted beats. These will be exclusively created for the beats store.

Packages will be available as either separate stems; 2 track wav & 2 track aiffs so you can literally download, upload & record. All stems will be compressed; may have effects on specific stems and have stereo imaging. Each will contain tempo information, reference track, licence agreement and our credit notes.

Once agreement has been signed and purchased, you will have exclusive rights over any recordings made on the proviso that we are credited as the instrumental provider. We will not make claims for performance royalties unless otherwise indicated. An electronic invoice will be sent to confirm your purchase and will be be removed for the store.

News on our beats store will be announced shortly.  The grand opening is planned for November 2017.  For more information, email us at info@playazcliq.com.

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