About the Lab

“We are not a studio.
We are a production house….”

Private in-house production house built for one to one recordings headed by Madman the Greatest.  Relaxing, homely and chilled vibes is what we ensure when creating the masterpieces.

Purposely created for the composition of audio recordings, we create with the intention of public performance and general release. Audio projects like album construction, product development and sound design are the primary focus of the department. We also create our podcasts, mix shows and in house interviews. For offsite recordings, we designed our own mini lab for live performances which has the very similar qualities to the big lab.

Though we specialize heavily in the Urban & Rhythmic Contemporary sector, we venture into many other genres creating alternative version of what inspires us. Incorporating genres like Reggae; Dancehall; Chiptune; Latin and anything we feel, we try to be as alternative as possible but still a part of today’s creative world.

General Information:

Hardware: Yamaha 02r desk; Adat Recording; AKG Micrphone;
Software: Steinberg Cubase; Sony Sound Forge; FL Studio (8/12/20)

For more information:

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