Madman the Greatest
ICYMI (Part 1)
Cat No: PCRMTG180001A
Format Digidownload
Label Playaz Cliq Recordings
Genre  Rap / Hip hop / Alternative Hip hop
Release Date Out Now


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Technics KKbox


Created & edited by Silly Sketch Vizuels

General information:

Remastered for the official release, ICYMI (Part 1) is a two part collection of Madman the Greatest’s most prolific recordings to date.  Through trials and errors, this album is a sonic signification of the musical journey from the Birmingham producer.  Featuring longtime mentor and collaborator, Ruff MP and personal friend, Cecil Foster, this poses as his reintroduction to world from his GR8-1 Music Lab Studio.

First single off the release will be Dream On.  Targeting the old school Hip hop, he begins by asking ‘Who said I’m gonna quit?’ to address the issues of his non presence in the music scene.

Edited Version also available.


01// More
02// Put the Pressure Up (feat. Ruff MP)
03// Number 1
04// Didn’t we tell you
05// Not Having it
06// Dream On
07// Everything I Do
08// Fake Thug Stories
09// Moving on me
10// Back it on me
11// A lil bit mo
12// More than an idea
13// Cant do nothing for ya
14// Except for Playaz Cliq
15// Love you no more (feat. Cecil Foster)


Executive Producer: Madman the Greatest
All tracks produced by Madman the Greatest for Playaz Cliq Recordings.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at GR8-1 Music Lab, Birmingham, UK.
Artwork designed by Silly Sketch Vizuelz.


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