Urban / Rhythmic Contemporary Music:
Alternative Hip hop;
Electronic house;
Dubstep &
Everything Urban

Birmingham, UK

Station Manager:
Mr Alphonso Augusta

Executive Director:
Corey Buffong Clarke

About the station:

The Codename is Black is the dedicated streaming format for the creative works of GR8-1 Music Lab. Showcasing the talents from his journey, Madman the Greatest has collectively put together a continuous stream to broadcast everything and anything that inspires his creations. Everything from interviews, live performances, archive music & special talk will broadcast continuously.

Throughout the day you will hear:

  • //Recorded music straight from the GR8-1 Music Lab (New, Current & Archive)
  • //Interviews from The P Talk Series where we discuss various topics with artists
  • //Special live performances
  • //News and reviews
  • //The ramblings of the Great: A unrehearsed talk from Madman the Greatest.

For more information, you can contact us on

Also available on:

2017 The Buffong – Clarke Administration


Executive Producer: Madman the Greatest
Alternative Hip Hop
Available from iTunes
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24/7 Streaming
Rhythmic Contemporary
Urban Contemporary
Electronic House


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