General Information:

Skillset Music Producer & DJ
Main Genres House. Tech House.  Jack Beats
Influences Calvin Harris, Bassment Jaxx, Major Lazer, Wolfgang Gartner, Matt Watkins


M Giggy (pronounced Em Jiggy) is a house music producer that heads the sub label No Bling Just Bang!. Starting off as a remixer, he began to take flight own his own after producing The Transmission album with Madman the Greatest. Steering away from the commercial light, the creator wants to remain an enigma throughout the genre to develop something distinctive for the club floors.

Beginning with UK Garage, he started messing around with house music after becoming fascinated with the electro house in particular Bassment Jaxx.  He liked the unconventional sound they were making where it was distinctive in comparison to the stereotypical house music records.  He felt that’s the direction he wanted to go in as a solo producer.  Using synthetic basses, saw synths and minimal vocals, M Giggy is on a mission to carve his name is house music like Avicii & Wolfgang Gartner.

M Giggy now serves as a part of production duo The DigiMunstaz & Birmingham Bacardi Boys.


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