Madman the Greatest talks about the inspiration behind the track ‘Love you no more’ featuring Cecil Foster.

Contrary to the perspective of my writing, this song is actually directed at more myself than it is about the girl. Like most boys are when starting out with girls, rejection or being traded for the next wasn’t something I was used to and for some reason, it always happened more often than not. I put some of it down to my confidence. Its the one thing I didn’t have around certain girls. That because i never really considered myself “good looking”. To be fair, I didn’t really have an opinion on my personal features except for my stomach. That was the one thing I always had a complex about…. my stomach!!

Saying that though, I was always around girls. I lived in a household predominately of girls; spent most weekends with my girl cousins; my friends was girls; most of my childhood memories involved girls.

First time it happened for me was in school. The girl was my best friend of 3 years. Every break time & lunchtime, we’d hang out and just chat all day. Matter of fact, she started off as my sister’s friend. So I never considered anything more because it was good the way it was…until she asked me out. That’s when the problem started. I ain’t gonna lie. I caught feelings quick. That afternoon the man was happy. Like a sucker in love, I spent the rest of the day thinking about dumb future kids stuff.

Next day, I went into school thinking things would be great. Man felt like a boss for a minute. I was looking for my girl. Couldn’t find her… she had skipped school. She sent a message through her friend “…sorry! its over. I only asked you out to make another guy jealous. Im with him now”. The guy was actually a friend of mine in my class at the time. Felt gutted. Felt like a b***h. That’s when I learned my first lesson of how devious some girls are. That actually killed our friendship dead. So in one moment, I lost my best friend and my girlfriend. Not gonna lie, I was upset. I didn’t take it to heart though because I felt it was about me more than her.

A few days later while I was getting on with things, a friend told me that the guy she dumped me for, did the same to her and dumped her for her friend. and at that moment, I dropped all my sad pity s**t and thanked god. Karma came through for me and paid her a visit.

Though it still kept happening over time, I learned believe in me and develop standards that later in my life I still use to protect my dignity as a man. So this song is my response as my younger self to those situation where I once misunderstood.

You can find ‘Love you no more’ on the ICYMI (Part 1) Release.  Available Now

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