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Skillset Hip Hop Performer. Music Producer. Beat maker. Mastering Engineer.
Main Genres Urban Contemporary. Rap. Hip Hop
Artist Influences Busta Rhymes, Erick Sermon, Ludacris, Missy Elliott, Kardinal Official, KRS-One,
Beatmaker Influences Alchemist, Notts, B!nk, Ohno, Rich Harrison, Rodney Jerkins, Timbaland, DJ Premiere, Neptunes, Hi Tek, Just Blaze, Don Corleone


Madman the Greatest is a Hip hop recording artist and Music producer from Birmingham, UK. He is the founder of Playaz Cliq Recordings, GR8-1 Music Lab & Silly Sketch visuals. Known for his upfront & confident vocal presence on recordings, his delivery as both performer and beat maker is undeniably distinctive. Afar from his accent which is often mistaken for American (though he will argue that his twang is from his West Indian / Jamaican parentage), the overall production package from his compositions to mastering is consistently under perfection to remain different as a creator.

Deriving from the lyrical, concept & battle rap scene, he uses the persona of the alpha male and an uncrowned king in his lyrics as a themed comparative to symbolize self empowerment, enlightenment and self-worth. Often speaking from a negative perspective, he tries to ensure the meaning behind his words convey a positive outlook.  Throughout his verses, he never stops to show you that outside the booth he is a man.  Love, God, Family and Life often creep in throughout his collections of recordings which he believe ground him when his ego beginning to overtake his role as an artist.

As a performer, he defines his music as ‘Alternative’ hip hop quoting Flipmode Squad as one of his all time favorite listening camps. As a beat maker, he defines his music as Urban Contemporary using Filtered Bass, Broken beats, Synths and Choirs as trademark sound throughout his music.  Using alternative as an adjective to describe his attitude in creating music, he continuously fluctuates between sounds and genres to keep his skill set high.  Highly influenced by Boom Bap Hip hop, Trap music, Club R&B/Pop, Piano Concerto’s, Reggae Fusion, Dancehall, Chiptune, Motown, Latin Music, Electro, Jazz, he admits that sounds in music is the driving force to his creativity.

With energetic performances, heavy beats and an undeniable distinctive presence, you will either instantly love him or absolutely hate him.


Quick Facts:

  • Madman the Greatest means ‘A King in his own world’.
  • He was born to a West Indian mother & Jamaican father who was in creating speaker boxes for reggae DJ sound systems.
  • Often performs with Mr FX at Rap cypher & Hip hop clubs around Birmingham.

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