“A King in his own world”

The Beatmaker.  The Music Producer. The Lyricist.  The Performer.

Busta Rhymes. Timbaland. MOP. The Neptunes.

All heavyweights in the world of Hip hop. All with worldwide success for over the last decade in music. So for a British underground individual to be compared to such pioneers has to have something special. Something beyond the average stereotypical form we see in today’s musical acts. Especially in Hip hop.

So let me introduce you ‘him’.

That ‘him’ being Madman the Greatest.

For many, many years, the Birmingham beat maker / recording artist has been pushing for sound perfection. The perfect tone on a perfect beat with his idea of a perfect sound. After so many trails and errors, that wish (he feels) has been fulfilled. With nothing more than a very tight budget, very small studio and a very big ambition, he has taken his musical skills to another level.

From the moment you hear his records; you know that his whole direction is unparallel to the average British record. If most artists are leftfield, Madman the greatest is certainly moving to the right! With 100% creative control over his recordings, he brings everything he can out of himself to make what he expresses “…a song with clarity that can remain standing during the test of time…” Orchestral strings, heavy sub low bass lines & chopped drums make up his trademark sounds. Influenced by many other genres like classical, neo soul, latin, electro, dub step, dancehall, reggae and anything club orientated, he lives to draw you into his world: Not only by his compositions but also as a lyricist.

Sometimes outweighed by his beats, his lyrical content and vocal performances are far from basic. Often misconceived as an American artist, Madman the Greatest delivers a vocal clarity with strength which gives him a distinctive style and tone seen in British artists like Wiley, Dizzee Rascal & Roots Manuvre. Behind his words, you can hear the passion and heart of a fighter whose mind is out for championship. Never leaving his audience with an inch of doubt, he always ensures his listeners this is what he wants.

With energetic performances, heavy beats and an undeniable distinctive presence, you will either instantly love him or absolutely hate him.


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