Not Every Girl

Written by Madman the Greatest

Not every girl wears skirts, heels and blouses,
or conform to latest style and fashion,
Some like big shirts, big boots and trousers,
and cant stand tights, wonderbras and onesies,
Not every girl is comfortable in bikini,
or loves to wear lingerie showing their cleavage,
some like to dress without being revealing,
and still remain appealing to the human eye,

Not every girl like the colour pink and white,
some prefer black or anything not bright,
Not every girl like big sparkles and glitter,
like diamonds aint every girls best friend,
Not every girl wants roses and milk chocolates,
especially with caramel in heartshaped boxes,
Not every girls body is perfect in shape,
but thats nothing to do with diet or weight,

Not every girls assets is small and perky,
or up in your face like they wanna say hello,
Not every girls skin tone needs to be bronze,
or skin tone even to be considered equal,
Not every girl wants to be married with children,
some dont want a man, some prefer a female,
Not every girl blonde, not every girl is brown,
Some like its tied, some like it down,

Some dont like none or very, very little,
Some like neither, they want it in the middle,
not every girl can cook, not every girl can clean,
not every girls dream is to be the bride,
Some girls are far from sugar and spice,
some are rotten apples and bitter inside,
Not every girl is made of everything nice,
There is them naughty girls that bad boys like,

Not every girl wants to be sugar coated with compliments,
rather have it straight, than played like a violin,
some are not emotional, or slaves to emotions,
and can fight just as hard with a kck and punch,
Not every girl likes a thousand hugs and kisses,
or treated like trophy, side kick or gimmick,
Not every girl is the imagination of man,
cos Not every girl is a girly’s girl.

2017 C. Buffong Clarke / Playaz Cliq Recordings

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