Cat No: PCRA201700013
I Do (feat. Victa Von Duche)
Format: Digi Download
Label: Playaz Cliq Recordings
Genre: R&B
Release Dates: 13/10/2017

General information:

Love is in the air!  Madman the Greatest introduces a solo record from his autoharmony vocal, Victa Von Duche.  Simply declaring love, this is a classical synthesized love song from the heart.  The release includes a remix from The DigiMunstaz.


This is a demonstration version of the official release.  These versions are for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect the full official release version.  Official track listing is below.


01// I Do (feat. Victa Von Duche)
02// I Do (feat. Victa Von Duche) (Instrumental)
03// I Do (feat. Victa Von Duche) (The DigiMunstaz Remix)
04// I Do (feat. Victa Von Duche) (The DigiMunstaz Remix) (Instrumental)

** Exclusive to particular stores like iTunes & Junodownloads


Executive Producer: Madman the Greatest
All tracks produced by Madman the Greatest for Playaz Cliq Recordings.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at GR8-1 Music Lab, Birmingham, UK.
Artwork designed by Silly Sketch Vizuelz.

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