We are

Written by Madman the Greatest

We are who we are,
because where we were,
inspired us to get here,

we turned our backs on the past
and passed back the problems we inherited,
and carried for so long
that was made to break our backs
but instead
merely made our backs weary,

because you see we see,
what most people with impaired vision see,
unobstructed ideas and dreams,
that are undescribable,
sometimes misunderstood, sometimes,
but usually undefined by limited stereotypical attributes,

we take our inner objectives,
and aim and shoot,
and hope for the stars beyond reach,
and start a wonderful journey,
filled with wonder,
that in here one deserves totally,

engulfed in me,
is passion, determination and will,
that through tough times,
we keep a light to
keep dreams alive,

We are who we are,
because where we are going,
inspired us to get here,
be here.

2017 C. Buffong Clarke / Playaz Cliq Recordings

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