Where you’re going to

Written by Madman the Greatest

Verse 1: My Mother’s Verse

That’s what my mother asked me,
Before I left her crib,
Shes like son, ‘…What will you do with your life,
you can either go the wrong way or right,
you can be a hustler selling drugs day and night,
on street, watching for the police light,
or you can get a proper job with your ambition
and work hard, to educate children,
that cheats never prospers,
have faith in the father and you will never be without,
because the world is your oyster,
never lose belief in the mind and the haert you have,
never sell you soul for these worthless things,
Cos nothing means more than your natural gift,
and when you have kids be responsible
cos what you do will affect them too…’

Do you know where you,
Where are you going to?

Verse 2: My Father’s Verse

That’s what my father asked me,
before he left here for homes,
he’s like son, ‘…what will you do with your life,
Cos you’re a grown man now living on his own
always treat your friends as acquaintances,
and your best friends as your family
never trust no one who smiles at you
or compliments everything you say or do,
always trust your instincts not your heart,
especially when it comes to pretty girls,
cos everything pretty aint always nice,
and dont be a fool for the cars and ice,
never let no one get the best of you,
and never use violence unless you have to,
Cos the greatest thing is your heart and mind,
and the almighty God on your side…’

Do you know where you,
Where are you going to?

Verse 3: My Daughter’s Verse

That’s what I will ask my child,
when she reaches 18,
I’m like baby, ‘…what will you do now,
now that you can fend for yourself,
never put yourself in the position
where a man can control your life,
and never sleep with someone out of pressure,
or he’s got a nice big ride,
and dont be a fool for the things he’s got,
it doesnt mean that he owns it
and if he aint got a job, then make sure baby,
make sure he has a dream,
just like you, trust your mind boo,
keep focused on life,
and when feeling depressed and feeling down,
remember I always love you’

Do you know where you,
Where are you going to?

2017 C. Buffong Clarke / Playaz Cliq Recordings

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